How Tuition Centres in Singapore Help Improve Your Math Grades

Looking to improve your mathematics grade? Mathematics tutor can help. Sometimes when a student struggles to get good grade in mathematics, it makes sense to opt for math tuitions in Singapore, depending on their requirements. Math tuitions are also a right decision when you lag behind in lessons and feel stressed out with your examinations and tests. There are many tuition centres in Singapore where good math tutors are available. Here we have discussed why you should work with a math tutor Read More

How to Save Money on Tuition Centres in Singapore?

If your kids are not doing well in school or you want them to be ahead of their peers, tuition centre is your answer. And you are not alone as nearly 70% parents send their children to tuition centres in Singapore. Thanks to the ever increasing competition, peer pressure and parents expectations. However, tuition centres are one of the most expensive things about upbringing a child. According to a 2012 survey, 50% of the parents whose kids were in tuition centres spent at least $500 a month. Read More

Which Subjects are Tutored the Most in Singapore?

How challenging a subject is determined by the student’s ability to grasp them. Some are good at mathematics but cut a sorry figure in English. Some are good science students but struggle to win “A” grade in literature. Then, there are many students who are just average performer. Each year, thousands of students look for tuitions to improve their grade in a specific subject or all. Here we have compiled some subjects which are tutored the most in Singapore. Math: Many readers wouRead More

Beyond Teaching: Extras and Perks Being Offered By Tuition Centres

Tuition has become a big industry in Singapore, earning billion dollar revenue every year. After all, 7 in 10 parents send their kids for tuition. The industry is being driven by ever competitive education environment, expectations and parent’s endeavour to bring their kids the best educational resources. Every year many tuition centres are opened in the country to leverage the boom. This has prompted an intense competition among tuition centres to get more students. No wonder that they areRead More

3 Ways to Make Your Tuition Centre Stand Out

Singapore is swarmed with thousands of tuition centres found at nook and corner to big malls. After all, tuition has been the part of learning for decades. The industry is driven by the competitive education system in the nation. 70% parents send their kids for tuition in Singapore. Being a tuition centre owner, the growing demand of tuitions will be good news for you. But as we have said earlier that Singapore has teemed with thousands of tuition centres. It means that tuition industry is itRead More

Why Tuition and Tuition Centres are Not the Same Thing?

There are many things in the world that sound same but actually, they are not. For example, pills are same as the tablet with the only difference that they are compressed and powdered. Then, butter is made of milk while it’s very look alike margarine is made of vegetable oil. (Please Google how jam, eraser, biscuits are different from jelly, rubber, and cookies respectively.) Similarly, tuition centres and private tuition are not the same what most people think. Yeah, both forms are used toRead More

Why Taking Physics Tuitions at the Beginning of School Year is More Beneficial?

Physics is counted among one of the tough school subjects. After all, it requires a student to excel heavy equation, glossaries, graphs and more. It is an O-Level subject which is introduced at secondary level. Physics is even challenging if you are weak at mathematics and geometry. No wonder that many students don’t fetch good grades in this subject. This is why many students seek physics tuition to aid their learning. But most of them opt for physics tuition when the exams are near or at Read More

How to Balance Your Kid’s Sports and Study?

Extracurricular activities like sports help the kids become well rounded and more disciplined in life. But it is equally true that it is not easy for them to strike a balance between study and sports. Many parents have a concern that practice and game time is outweighing time spent on study. But balancing their sports and study is not that difficult. The solution lies in managing time. Here’s how… Create a Schedule for Them: First of all, plan a schedule which can help them manage aRead More

How to Motivate Your Kids for Homework?

Are your kids not serious about their homework? Well, you are not alone as most parents have this concern. Or you can say that most kids are reluctant when it comes to homework. Homework is an important educational purpose that develops self-discipline and study skills in a kid. Besides, it encourages students to take initiative and responsibility to accomplish a task. But it is equally true that most kids are not willing to do homework (like we said before). How to get them to do theirRead More

3 Ways to Tell How Your Kids are Doing in School

How your kids are doing in school? Are they securing good grades? Or they are an average performer?  How you as a parent tell if your kids are making progress? Source: Pixabay Keeping track of your kid’s progress in the study is necessary to determine the quality of education; to ensure that goals are being met; to learn if kids are interested in the study. Monitoring your kid’s academic progress is more than signing off a few report cards. Therefore, you need to keep a tab Read More