4 Ways to Make Your Kids Love Science (Without Imposing It on Them)

Science is a tough subject for most students. After all, it doesn’t sound colorful like their language subjects. From plain facts, atomic symbols, chemical reactions and length theories, there are many elements that make it a tough subject.

4 Ways to Make Your Kids Love Science

However, it is equally true that nothing can be as interesting as studying science. All it depends on the ways science is being taught. In other words, it shouldn’t be confined to books and blackboard. The key is here to introduce fun and engaging ways in the learning. For example, you can try hands-on science experiments and encourage your kids to ask their own questions about phenomena and scientific processes.

Remove the Fear:

First of all, you should remove the fear of science from their mind. You should tell them that science is not all about figures, equations, experiments and facts. Let them know how science is involved in their routine life, from turning on the fan to cooling off their milk.

Bring “Experiments” to their Study:

Experiments not only make science chapters engaging, but also explain the things efficiently. And you don’t need to buy expensive lab equipment for that. There are simple science experiments you can do at home with simple AA size batteries, bulb, detergent powder, plants, bottles, balloons, magnet and other daily use objects. Then, there are many websites that provide info on simple hands-on science experiments.

Show Them Science Videos:

Showing them science videos is another way to get them love science. Educational videos are compelling and generate greater amount of interest and enjoyment than traditional study material.

Provide Them Interesting Stories About Science:

There are many science books that encourage your kids love science. Such books are Thinking Machine by Laurie Wallmark, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hop by William Kamkwamba and About Time by Bruce Koscielniak.

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      • 4 Ways to Make Your Kids Love Science