Beyond Teaching: Extras and Perks Being Offered By Tuition Centres

Tuition has become a big industry in Singapore, earning billion dollar revenue every year. After all, 7 in 10 parents send their kids for tuition. The industry is being driven by ever competitive education environment, expectations and parent’s endeavour to bring their kids the best educational resources.

Every year many tuition centres are opened in the country to leverage the boom. This has prompted an intense competition among tuition centres to get more students. No wonder that they are getting creative with their services. Or you can say that they are offering beyond tutoring to attract the students. Here’s how…

Crash Courses:

To see more business, tuition centres are offering crash courses which are expensive and intensive than routine classes. This is the strategy to capitalize on the students seeking assistance just before the exams.

Online Classes:

Many tuition centres in Singapore are offering online classes which are a filmed version of their live classes. Then, they may provide lessons over communication tools like Skype. Some tuition centres have their own “Whiteboard program”, an online platform to teach students.

Shuttle Bus:

Generally, tuition centres are far from the MRT station, requiring students to longer commute. This prompts tuition centres to provide transportation. It not only makes commuting easier for students, but also helps tuition centres get competitive edge.


To make learning interactive and familiar, the facility of cafeteria is available at some tuition centres in Singapore. They call it study lounge where students can learn while enjoying snacks.

So these are the perks you can expect from tuition centres in Singapore. However, you should prefer the quality of learning and track records over anything. After all, that’s what you are looking for.