How to Balance Your Kid’s Sports and Study?

Extracurricular activities like sports help the kids become well rounded and more disciplined in life. But it is equally true that it is not easy for them to strike a balance between study and sports. Many parents have a concern that practice and game time is outweighing time spent on study. But balancing their sports and study is not that difficult. The solution lies in managing time. Here’s how… Create a Schedule for Them: First of all, plan a schedule which can help them manage aRead More

4 Ways to Make Your Kids Love Science (Without Imposing It on Them)

Science is a tough subject for most students. After all, it doesn’t sound colorful like their language subjects. From plain facts, atomic symbols, chemical reactions and length theories, there are many elements that make it a tough subject. However, it is equally true that nothing can be as interesting as studying science. All it depends on the ways science is being taught. In other words, it shouldn’t be confined to books and blackboard. The key is here to introduce fun and engaging Read More