How to Balance Your Kid’s Sports and Study?

Extracurricular activities like sports help the kids become well rounded and more disciplined in life. But it is equally true that it is not easy for them to strike a balance between study and sports. Many parents have a concern that practice and game time is outweighing time spent on study.

But balancing their sports and study is not that difficult. The solution lies in managing time. Here’s how…

Create a Schedule for Them:

First of all, plan a schedule which can help them manage a time.

All you need to overview their school syllabuses provided by the school for a new school year. The syllabus usually chalks out holidays, due dates, exams, sports practices and competition.

This will help you plan an optimal schedule for them. For example, you can schedule their study sessions on Sunday and Thursday if they have soccer practice on Monday and Friday.

Encourage Them to Utilize Their Weekends Wisely:

Weekend should be utilized in study and exam preparation. Make sure they start with their assignments ahead of the time. They can collect notes, revise their chapters and finish their due assignments on the weekends.

Look for the Warning Signs:

Sometimes balancing sports and academics is quite hectic for the kids even if they are ready to stretch themselves. Consequently, they won’t perform well both in study and sports. This is why you should show active involvement and support whenever they feel low or start losing motivation.

Set Ultimatums:

Make sure they are doing things on time, be it a chapter revision or their sports practice. Tell them to complete assignments before dinner or going out with friends.

With the help of these tips, you can help your kids strike a balance between study and sports.

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