How to Motivate Your Kids for Homework?

Are your kids not serious about their homework?

Well, you are not alone as most parents have this concern. Or you can say that most kids are reluctant when it comes to homework.

Homework is an important educational purpose that develops self-discipline and study skills in a kid. Besides, it encourages students to take initiative and responsibility to accomplish a task.

But it is equally true that most kids are not willing to do homework (like we said before). How to get them to do their homework? This may be challenging, but not that difficult.

All you need create homework schedule; build up real expectations; offer rewards and show active involvement. Here’s how…

1. Set a Homework Schedule:

First of all, you need to create a right homework schedule for your kids. When? See when they are most energetic which may be right after school or maybe after an hour of downtime. But late evening may not be suitable as most kids feel drowsy this time.

2. Choose a Right Place to Study:

Make sure their study room is away from the distractions like TV, video games and phone. It should be quiet and calm. Ensure that they have pen, pencils, rulers, dictionaries and all other stuff at their table.

3. Let Them Take a Break:

Let your kids take a break, if needed. Sometime kids are frustrated and tired while accomplishing their assignment. Send them for a 10 minutes break so that they come back refreshed.

4. Show Your Active Involvement:

Assist you kids in their homework. Listen to their concerns and present solution accordingly. Your active involvement encourages them to do their homework.

5. Give Them Reward:

Here you need to be careful as there is a blur line between bribe and incentive. If you offer them chocolate or toy for completing the assignments, you may be bribing them. Your kid will do the homework for just the sake of material gain, instead of understanding the concept. Don’t worry. Here are some rewards that won’t look like bribe and motivate your kids to do homework.

  • Play outside with friends
  • An extra hour of TV or video game
  • Dinner
  • Family walk
  • Read comics or novel

We hope these tips will help you get your kids do their homework. Be patient, cooperative and calm while implying these tips.

Author Bio: Wilson Tan is the Director at ChampionTutor and as well as creative blog writer who loves to pen down his points on various topics related to education, parenting, home tuitions etc.