How to Save Money on Tuition Centres in Singapore?

If your kids are not doing well in school or you want them to be ahead of their peers, tuition centre is your answer. And you are not alone as nearly 70% parents send their children to tuition centres in Singapore. Thanks to the ever increasing competition, peer pressure and parents expectations.

However, tuition centres are one of the most expensive things about upbringing a child. According to a 2012 survey, 50% of the parents whose kids were in tuition centres spent at least $500 a month. And 1 percent of them could spend up to a hefty $3,000 a month per kid. The average tuition cost is around 300$-400$ in Singapore while the cost can go up if the level is higher.

How to bring that cost lower? Here’s how to give your kids tutoring without breaking your bank.

Compare the Prices:

Ask for the price quotation from some tuition centres. See how prices differ and what their price structure includes.

Try Negotiation:

Talk to tuition centre rep to lower the fees. Tell them that their rival tuition centres are charging less. If a tuition centre is looking for a competitive edge, they may accept your proposal.

See What You Can Trim from the Fee Structure:

What they are charging you for? See the list if you can eliminate the things like transportation and stationery. Ask you kid if he needs coaching for all subjects or it is okay to get it for some subjects.

Look for the Discounts:

Some tuition centres in Singapore offer discounts over online registration.

Online Tuition Can Help:

Online tuition is available over Skype or Google Hangouts, generally at competitive rates. It lets your kids learn at the comfort of the home, thereby saving them money, time and hassles involved in daily commuting.

So this is how you can save on Tuition Centres in Singapore. Do you have other tips to share? Please share with us by commenting below.