How to Spot a Bad Tutor?

Here we have compiled the signs of a bad home tutor.

Most people turn to a home tutor to ensure their kids get one-to-one attention and workout over their weaker subjects—which is otherwise not possible with a busy classroom. So, a home tutor needs to be qualified, skilled and dedicated. However, not all parents are lucky to find such home tutors. A bad tutor not only negatively affects the kids learning at a greater extent, but also proves a hassle to deal with.

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Here are the some signs of a bad tutor…

 1. Lacking Qualification:

First of all, make sure to check the qualification of a home tutor. This is because there are numerous cases of fraud tutors who somehow get their fake degree prepared. When a home tutor claims he or she has a degree in science, always insist on asking which University it’s from. Then, check the documents and the University’s website.

 2. Getting Busy in Texting While Teaching:

Do you find a home tutor busy on smartphones very often? Is he or she busy in texting instead of monitoring the child’s work? It is important to focus on the kid’s performance.  Although using the phone once in a while is totally tolerable, you should talk to the tutor if the use is excessive.

 3. Not Coming on Time:

A tutor who comes late and leaves the class earlier may not keep up the pace of the kid’s learning.

 4. Not Encouraging Kids:

A good home tutor always encourages the kids to give their best. Besides, he or she makes learning engaging so that they understand the things efficiently.

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So these are the red flags that a home tutor can’t be right for your kid’s study. Don’t worry! ChampionTutor helps you find right and experienced tutors in Singapore for your kids, with the extensive database of screened home tutors.

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