Which Subjects are Tutored the Most in Singapore?

How challenging a subject is determined by the student’s ability to grasp them. Some are good at mathematics but cut a sorry figure in English. Some are good science students but struggle to win “A” grade in literature. Then, there are many students who are just average performer. Each year, thousands of students look for tuitions to improve their grade in a specific subject or all.

Here we have compiled some subjects which are tutored the most in Singapore.


Many readers would need no explanation why math tops this list. This is one of the subjects requiring students to knock at the tuition center’s door. From equations to trigonometry, math requires students to think logically over the problem.


There are many students who struggle to get good grades in physics. After all, the subject poses complex topics and difficult concepts. It is even challenging if students don’t get enough assistance from the teachers. No wonder why many students turned to tuition centres in Singapore to get their doubts cleared.


Generally, English is not difficult for the students fearing from Math. But it is Achilles heel for those who are good at mathematics. Then, there are many students who struggle in this subject as English is not their mother tongue. English requires a student to be well versed in grammar rules, spelling, and pronunciation. This is why they seek English tuition in Singapore.

Principles of Accounts (POA):

POA or Principle of Accounts subject includes the basics of accounting, bookkeeping, analysis and interpretation of final accounts and fundamentals. The student pursuing POA should be excelled in calculations and other concepts.

Hire a Tutor Can Help You!

If you are weak at any of the above given subjects, opting for tuition can help. A tutor will clear your doubts and guides you in a better way.