Why Tuition and Tuition Centres are Not the Same Thing?

There are many things in the world that sound same but actually, they are not. For example, pills are same as the tablet with the only difference that they are compressed and powdered. Then, butter is made of milk while it’s very look alike margarine is made of vegetable oil. (Please Google how jam, eraser, biscuits are different from jelly, rubber, and cookies respectively.)

Similarly, tuition centres and private tuition are not the same what most people think. Yeah, both forms are used to teach students after school.

Despite having the same objective, both forms are different in terms of attention being provided to the students, atmosphere and approach as well. Here’s how…


Generally, a tuition centre is a private institution being equipped with classroom facilities like blackboard, chair and desks. Students are taught here by their faculty. It is like a school after school.

Private tutors, on the other hand, are independent teachers who teach either at student’s home or at their place.


A tuition centre teaches students in batches. One batch may contain anywhere from 10-15 students. Private tutors generally teach 1-4 students at a time.

It means that students get more personal attention with a private tutor. A tuition centre’s tutor may not focus on each student due to the packed classroom and rigorous schedule.


A tuition centre in Singapore usually charges SGD 30 to SGD 55 per hour. A private tutor is independent to set his or her rate on the basis of experience and results. No wonder that many tutors in Singapore even charge SGD 100 per hour.


A tuition centre has its fixed time and location, meaning that students will have to be punctual to their timings. However, private tutors are available according to your desired timings.

Bottom Line:

So these are the key differences that tuition centres and private tutors are not the same. Both have their pros and cons. If you are looking for personalized tuition at the comfort of your home, private tuition is the right fit for you. Tuition centres are affordable and a right place for those who can study better in a classroom like an environment.

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